Wind towers bending machines

The plate bending machines for the production of wind towers are part of the rich assortment of solutions made available by IMCAR: they are 3 or 4 rolls plate bending machines that allow to bend sheets of different thicknesses, so as to allow the realization of the conical sectors that constitute the structure. The biggest advantage guaranteed by this type of equipment is the very high productivity that they are able to provide.

The model we recommend for the production of wind towers is the 3RHT machine, a three-roll hydraulic bending machine with variable geometry whose parallelism is managed hydraulically. The 2 side rolls and the vertically movable upper roll, in fact, can move independently of each other and can be positioned with the required precision, in order to obtain optimal results on the cylindrical parts of the heaviest sheets. The separate control desk also facilitates the movement of the side rolls via push-button controls.

This machine allows the curvature of different types of material and thickness, it allows to keep the horizontal sheet even during the pre-bending phase, avoiding that the shape slips or falls, moreover, compared to other types of machinery is very convenient in terms of price.

A plate bending machines producing cones like the 3RHT model is a fundamental equipment in the context of wind turbine production. This machine allows the realization of wind structures of different sizes: their heights, in particular, change according to the power of the turbine that is installed and according to the propeller that is mounted. A plate bending machine producing cones, in fact, allows to bend sheets of small thickness (4 - 6 cm), but can also bend thicknesses that exceed 8 cm.

In a very competitive market, IMCAR is able to distinguish itself thanks to plate bending machines for the production of wind towers made with care and accuracy, ideal both for offshore wind towers (at sea) and onshore towers (on land).