Ventilation and heating bending machines

Among the sectors in which our company is involved there is also the one related to the production of plate bending machines for heating and ventilation equipment: in fact, IMCAR offers to its customers a remarkable competence for the design and manufacture of automatic plate bending machines with two or four rolls. The experience we have acquired over the years is combined with the use of cutting-edge technology: this means plate bending machines that are built ad hoc to allow the bending of thin sheets. The advantages that are guaranteed by products of this type are many, starting from the assured level of precision, but not only: the high repeatability, in fact, is synonymous with an equally high productivity. That's not all: the finished pieces can boast a more than appreciable aesthetic quality. Thanks to the use of complete systems for loading and unloading, the plate bending machines for heating and ventilation sectors that are proposed by IMCAR prove to be effective and long-lasting, for consistently impeccable results.

Bending of tubes for ventilation ducts

Simple to use and characterized by a high level of productivity, the plate bending machine proposed by IMCAR for the sheet metal processing of ventilation ducts is one of the flagships of our range of products. Whether you need a new or used plate bending machine, IMCAR is always the reference point you can rely on with the confidence to find what you are looking for. The constant investments in research and development allow us to propose, even in this area, solutions that prove to be at the forefront not only at national level but also in the rest of the world. If you are looking for a plate bending machine, for the production of aeraulic ducts, rely on the experience of IMCAR!