Truck tanks bending machines

With the plate bending machines for tank production, IMCAR offers solutions that guarantee maximum safety and efficiency. The circular, oval and polycentric tanks that are destined to transport of fuels, food liquids or any other substance are made with numerical control plate bending machines that are used, whether there is aluminum or steel material, with thicknesses between 3 and 15 mm. Our company supplies plate bending machines with 4 rolls, thanks to which it is possible to provide the bending of polycentric shapes, oval shapes or circular shapes, regardless of the thickness of the sheets that changes according to the application to which they are intended. Among the most important peculiarities of our plate bending machines for the production of tanks it deserves to be counted, first of all, the great strength that distinguishes the structure, besides - of course - the precision that is ensured by the use of numerical control machines.

The induction hardened rolls are synonymous of strength and solidity, as well as the dimensions of the components and of the hydraulic circuit are such as to be able to withstand even the most demanding uses. The maintenance required over time is decidedly limited thanks to a reduced wear and the longevity of the structures. The professionalism that has always distinguished our modus operandi, therefore, is visible in cutting-edge products in technological terms, with details designed to perfection (just think about the parallelism of the side rolls and the pinch roll with a PLC-controlled hydraulic system and proportional valve). This is why our bending machines for truck tanks production are able to satisfy all the needs of the industries in the sector easily and quickly.