Plants for production of storage silos

IMCAR is specialized in the production of plants dedicated to the production of storage silos, a vertical technology for the production of tanks, medium and large size.

These are equipment characterized by very high construction standards and certified quality, which make them suitable to satisfy the needs of various industrial sectors, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, oil & gas, etc.

Thanks to the first workstation, the processes of bending, cutting, welding and cleaning of the vertical welding surface are carried out to obtain the finished shell with the intervention of only one / two operators; while the second station allows the alignment of the shells one over the other without the use of rings and, following manual spot welding, we proceed with the automatic circular welding with internal support of copper and gas to simplify the setting of parameters and ensure better penetration. Other operations that take place through this machine are the compression of the circular welding (to reduce the thickness of the material and keep a flat surface) and the cleaning of the internal and external welds. Furthermore, to complete the production of the storage facilities, other machines are also used, such as the press with manipulator (to form small and medium-thickness dished heads), the shearing & flanging machine, the manipulator for the cleaning of the bottom, the press machine to form legs and the line for the forming / welding of the half pipe on the body of the tank, for cooling.

The plants dedicated to the production of storage silos allow a considerable saving of time and space for the production of the tanks, the possibility of performing polishing operations at low cost, the possibility of working with special steels and thicknesses up to 30 mm, eliminating the so-called "Barrel effect", automatic forming and welding of the cooling circuit along the tank surface, ease of handling and the possibility of installing the system directly on site. Moreover, working vertically, the risks related to the safety of traditional horizontal production are avoided.

A turnkey solution dedicated to achieve the highest quality of manufacturing, offering customers the best efficiency and effectiveness method.