Guard-rail bending machines for the processing of safety barriers

In addition to special machines to bend corrugated sheets, IMCAR has created guard rail bending machines, that is, machines to bend traffic dividers and safety barriers. You can work all the metal profiles bi-or tri-waves, both with internal and external wing, in the limits of mechanical deformation of the material.

This machine is provided with hydraulic motors.
All operations relating to the rotation of the rolls and the arise / descent of the upper roll occur by means of buttons on a separate and mobile control desk.
The equipment for the different sections are always mounted and this make guard rail bending machine simple and always ready for use for the following processes:

  • Bending of 3 waves barrier leg-out
  • Bending of 3 waves barrier leg-in
  • Bending of 2 waves barrier leg-out
  • Bending of 2 waves barrier leg-in

To bend the two waves barriers, both leg-out and leg-in, containment rings are applied to the existing internal equipment and their installation takes about 15 min.

IMCAR guard rail bending machines are designed and manufactured with particular attention to customer needs.

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