Flanging Machine

  • The machine is equipped with proportional valves allowing change of rotation and approaching speed of the flanging roll according to requested power, letting produce border with uniform junction radius
  • The positioning of piece-holder trolley occurs through a worm screw and it is visualized on control desk, which collects operation buttons
  • The rotation movements occur through satellite reduction gear coupled to radial piston hydraulic motor, while head approaching movement occurs through hydraulic cylinder
  • The adjustment of distance between the shaping roll and the flanging roll occurs through a hydraulic cylinders easily adjustable. This adjustment allows to get high quality workings, from thin to big thicknesses
  • Fixing of the dished head is by hydraulic piston
  • The machines are all designed with CAD 3D technologies
  • The machine structure is made of electro-welded steel, thermally treated for welding stress relieving and worked with high precision CNC machines
  • The shaping roll is made of high resistance alloy steel, with induction hardening, properly shaped according to the radius of the edge to obtain. This roll is motorized with variable rotation speed
  • The flanging roll is made of high resistance alloy steel, with induction hardening, whose movements are managed by hydraulic cylinders that allow the roll to make the flanging of the dished head push against the shaped roll