The several advantages of vertical installations for the production of tanks

After several years of experience in horizontal lines for production of tanks of small and medium sizes, IMCAR has designed and produced an innovative technology, the vertical installations, to manufacture medium and large size tanks in vertical suitable for a wide range of industrial applications: petroleum, pharmaceutical, wine, water, beer, fruit juices, chemical products, liquid gases, etc. This technology is a turnkey solution dedicated to achieving a high level of manufacturing quality. Vertical installations allow to produce tanks effectively and efficiently, without the famous "barrel effect", and the operations of bending, cutting, welding, surface cleaning and coupling of shells, can be performed only by two or three operators. Moreover, working in vertical, some safety risks encountered in traditional horizontal production are avoided, because operators always work on the ground, as the shell forming and assembling processes occur from the top to down, lifting the already finished shell and adding the other ones beneath till completion of the body of tank.

These technologies are specifically designed for use in the workshop or on site, building silos of great capacity on site whose quality is equal to the one in workshop. Finally several accessories machines can be added to complete the production of full tanks: dishing press machines and manipulators for dished heads of small and medium thicknesses, shearing and flanging machines, manipulators for dished heads cleaning, forming legs machines and half pipe cooling forming and welding. The vertical installations are the result of collaboration between IMCAR and its customers, whose experiences and demands interweave.