Bending Corrugated Sheets

Bending machines for corrugated sheets, exclusive machines to satisfy the customer. IMCAR boasts the experience of more than half a century in the design, manufacture and sale of bending machines, profile bending machines and lines for the production of vertical tanks. To meet the requirements of its customers, it has also created a range of special machines, including bending machines for corrugated sheets, based on specific needs.

IMCAR offers two models to bend corrugated sheets:

  • CHO: a totally hydraulic machine, with three or four rolls with numerical control, which has special shaped rolls, allowing to bend corrugated sheets. The bending can be of constant radius, in case of versions with three rolls, or variable radius, in case of four rolls bending machines with numerical control. The corrugated sheets thus obtained are used in the construction of roofs of sheds, coatings, pipes, tunnels, underground passages, etc.
  • ONDEX: a machine that allows to form perfectly symmetrical waves according to the thickness and the quality of the employed sheet. This bending machine can form simultaneously two or three sheets not exceeding 1.5mm thickness. The feeding table is moved by a pneumatic and timed cylinder, with the possibility to vary the feeding speed of the machine using a special adjustment, and form the first wave always in the same predetermined location of the beginning of the sheet.