Safety barriers bending machines

IMCAR, company specialized in metal sheet bending, also deals with the design and construction of bending machines and benders for safety road barriers, providing its customers with all the experience and all the necessary expertise in this sector. Together with the special machines for the bending of corrugated sheets, the guard rail bending machines are developed, that is to say the machines whose task is to bend the metal profiles that are positioned on the sides of the roadways to protect motorists, but also in the middle of the streets as a traffic divider. The bending of the steel profiles offers the possibility of proceeding with the processing of any type of metal section, both with external and internal leg, bi-wave or tri-wave, obviously according to the limits that the material imposes from the point of view of mechanical deformation. Discover all types of IMCAR bending machines for safety road barriers!

How guard rail bending machines work

The steel sheet bending made by this equipment depends on the operation of hydraulic motors, while a separate control desk allows to carry out the various operations concerning the descent, the arise and the rotation of the rolls. Thanks to our machines, metal bending proves to be simple and efficient, whatever the processing to be carried out. In particular, for the bending of internal or external leg two-wave barriers, containment rings are provided for the equipment. The over 60 years of experience we have accumulated in this field and the strict attention to the various regulations in force in the various reference markets allow us to produce steel bending machines of proven reliability, able to guarantee optimal performance even with the passing of time. Therefore, our bending machines for safety road barriers offer a further example of the high quality standards that characterize the workings of IMCAR.