Aerospace industry bending machines

The wide assortment of products made available by IMCAR also includes plate bending machines for aeronautics and aerospace sector: these are solutions that are studied ad hoc and launched on the market in every corner of the world to meet the requirements related to the bending of metal sheets and, therefore, to the production of aerospace and aeronautical components.

The professionalism that has always distinguished our modus operandi allows us to provide plate bending machines for custom-made sites, depending on the needs of customers: they can be used, among other things, to bend the edges of the wings or the sheets of the fuselages in aeronautical field, or to bend the sheets of the hulls in shipyards. In any case, the use of cutting-edge technologies and the skills developed by our technicians over the years enable us to offer plate bending machines for aeronautics and space sectors that meet the highest standards of reliability and quality.